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We are consultants for products from Siberian Wellness – Peter Jørgensen and Natalia Burmistrova Jørgensen (consultant number 2407977019). We can help you create individual programs for the use of herbal products for different age groups (in English, Danish and Russian). We have considerable knowledge in the field of medicinal plants and many years of experience in the field of phytoproducts. We have purchased and tried products from various companies, and also worked in network marketing in other companies. Thus, it was not by chance that we chose the company Siberian Wellness. We really have something to compare it with.

In addition to our high requirements for the quality of products, the company Siberian Wellness attracted our interest in environmental and moral responsibility for the state of nature. In addition, we were impressed by the high corporate professionalism, which is much higher than in other European and overseas companies in which we worked.

Brief presentation of the company Siberian Wellness

Siberian Wellness Company

Siberian health is a large company founded in 1996 that produces products for beauty, health and well-being.

The main office is located in Novosibirsk, in the city center. Since 1999, it has its own production facilities, which allowed it to produce goods.

In 2001, there was a research center that conducts research. After obtaining patents for its products, the company started working on the international market.

Official sales are in Europe, the United States, India, Vietnam, Mexico and the CIS countries. Official representative offices are opened in 25 countries, including the Czech Republic, Spain, USA, and Germany. There are 427 representative offices in Russia.

Siberian Wellness Products
The range of the company “Siberian Wellness” includes natural products for skin care of the face, body, hair for adults and children. The initial direction of work was the development and implementation of dietary supplements. The products were created using the useful properties of Altai plants. A little later, the production of cosmetics based on similar natural components began. Today, the catalog contains hundreds of product names.
Production of Siberian Wellness Products

Eco-friendly, powerful, modern production facilities are located in Siberia.

Site of manufacture:

Siberian Wellness purposefully develops three promising research areas of preventive medicine:

Adaptive medicine

The Company has several patents in each of these industries.

Company Philosophy
Clean environmental products
Strong Siberian Wellness brand
Environmental responsibility
Beauty – Health – Well-Being
Environmental responsibility
Over the past seven years, the Fund has collected and redirected more than 44,500,000 rubles to the following projects: Protection of lake Baikal, protection of snow leopards, protection of birds, herb Hunters, and more than 150 projects for the protection of wildlife:
Business with Siberian Wellness
Siberian Wellness Corporation offers a harmonious opportunity to start a business and find financial well-being. The company’s marketing system is clear and transparent. Success in Siberian Wellness is quite real. You can become an official representative of the Siberian Wellness brand without initial investment in any country. To start your career,  just contact Your personal consultant.
Registration Advantages

You get a discount of 25 percent of the catalog price for all products you purchased. This 25 % is deposited to your account in your personal account and can be used for further purchases. In order to maintain your status as a consultant, it is important to buy products for one hundred points at least once every 4 months, this is about 3500-4500 rubles. But in order to be able to earn and withdraw funds, You must make this amount monthly (100 points).

Immediately after registration, you will be able to access your personal online account, where you will be able to track all your cash flows, monitor the results of your partners, and take tools for promotion (affiliate links and other materials)

You will be able to purchase the necessary goods yourself and pick them up at the nearest shopping Center, or arrange delivery to the door.

In addition, you get my personal recommendations.

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