Modular system Biopulsar

Modular System of Biopulsar diagnosis-systems are built up of single modules. The hardware-modules consist of various single-/multi-hand sensors for the measurement of the data . The software-modules consist of multiple analysis-programs (biofeedback, aura) and as software for interpretation and therapy.

Modular system Biopulsar – hardware:

The hardware-modules consist of various single-/multi-hand sensors for measurement of data.

The Biopulsar sensor unit has two different hand sensor sizes (for medium and large hand sizes).

The hand sensor is a refined receiver for biomedical signals, which are taken from the reflex zones of the hand’s palm. (It is very important that during the measurements the body cannot be inflicted with any harmful or disturbing impulses.)

The sensor data is made available through the computer PC (Windows) for the further processing of the software.

Modular system Biopulsar – software:

The software is simple to operate due to the intuitive user surface.

The software-modules consist of multiple analysis programs (biofeedback, aura)

With the help of the modular system Biopulsar’s biofeedback and organ graphs are easy avaibalble via interpret.

The measured biofeedback is presented in numerous graphics and pictures with the multi-functional Window’s software.
Each window presentations can be arranged.

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