Health promotion

Health care and why is it important

Healthy people perceive their health as a self-evident fact. Only when they have the first problem they start to take care of the body. It is in those countries where state social security is underdeveloped including some European countries people faced a double problem. Firstly, the diseases reduce the quality of life and cause many complaints about physical condition. Secondly, they require large financial expenditures for medical services, examination and treatment in a hospital, etc. This aspect should be mentioned in a conversation with the guests. As it follows from the above said health care should be an essential element of human life, especially for people over 35.
Standard preventive care examination up to 45 years shall be conducted annually and consist of the following:

Women Men
* Blood test
* Urine test
* Ultrasound scanning
* Examination by a cardiologist (ECG)
* Examination by a gynecologist
* Examination by a mammologist (Taking
of a mammogram)
* Blood test
* Urine test
* Ultrasound scanning
* Taking of an X-ray picture of lungs
* Examination by a cardiologist (ECG)

People over 45 shall undergo extensive preventive care examination. These surveys are very important and are conducted by professional doctors.

Active health care from the point of view of the VIVASAN company is on the one hand measurement of the energy field with the device Biopulsar and on the other hand the use of the company’s products.

Health promotion with Biopulsar

The advantage of the Biopulsar Reflexograph is that it shows energetic organ changes long before the organ manifestation. Biopulsar is designed to measure the energy fields of the human body. In other words it can be used to measure the level of energy or energy state of various organs. It happens often that patients complain of discomforts, although the lab parameters lie clearly in the normal range.

Still disharmonies in the energy distribution are evident with the measurements by Biopulsar long before they occur in an organ. During measurement of the energy fields of the body it is detected and you should pay special attention when undergoing a medical examination. The combination of measurements of energy and the use of products of VIVASAN are important components of active preventive health care.

Biopulsar feedback is a basis for the preventative program with the therapeutical products Vivasan.

Therefor Biopulsar and Vivasan products are highly relevant to for the health promotion, and highly valued for the prevention of an illness.

VIVASAN offers a new solution – to hold so called Viva Parties with the use of Biopulsar, which may indicate possible health problems by measuring and showing the energy level and state of aura. Viva Parties are also aimed at increasing quality of client consultations.

Viva Party with Biopulsar

Viva Party “diagnostic” events attract people because they are easy, fast and fun, but, as a rule:
• We come to an “unknown specialist”
• Diagnostics is done with the help of some device (in fact we do not ask to show us the certificate
and to tell us the country of manufacture of the device)
• We receive recommendations from the same unknown specialist and choose “some” product …
• This consultant may be a good specialist, it may be a good devise for the diagnosis and it may be
quite a good product, but …
• But how do we know that this is true?
• Most often it looks as follows: “I believe it or I do not believe it”

Viva Party for Health promotion

Viva Party is different from other events first of all for the presence of its own philosophy. The consultant of VIVASAN arranging the event and the slogan “Client shall be provided with the highest quality and best service!” shall be guided by the following:
The company’s mission and hence my mission as well is to motivate people to lead right lifestyles and to effectively take care of their own health. This philosophy should be the starting point of any Viva Party.
The following aspects help consultants of VIVASAN turn philosophy of the company to the benefit of our clients:
• Good knowledge of the company’s products
• Basic knowledge of the principles of health promotion
• The device Biopulsar
• Information centre for correct interpretation of measurements of the energy field
• Products of VIVASAN company

Note: Testing with the use of the device Biopulsar is not an alternative to preventive examinations carried out by a doctor.

High quality consultations 

The main difference between Viva Party and and diagnostic procedures is that the consultant of VIVASAN can purposefully and competently advise clients about their health. In addition to all is personal professional training of the consultant and control by the company. can offer you trainings for the successful implementation and work with the Biopulsar-Vivasan Biofeedback-Systems. Contact us >

Health promotion with Biopulsar Reflexograph is the major advantages

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