Biofeedback Biopulsar graph

The Biopulsar can accurately demonstrate  the life energy status of an organ.

Biofeedback Biopulsar graph

The vitality scale of the reflex zone biofeedback is divided into 100 units or a scale of 6 graduation marks. The middle green harmony line, the fourth graduation mark corresponds to the harmony situation, or optimal energy in the organ area.

Biofeedback Biopulsar graph: if the biofeedback graph runs above the 4th graduation mark (60), it indicates energetic fullness and congestion. If the biofeedback graph runs below 60, it means an energetic weakness.


With help of Biofeedback Biopulsar graph can be an indication of the health status. Curve line graphs – vitality, pulse wave – also has certain explanations. From the organ’s vitality one can derive at the possible physical and psychical status of health.



Dynamic of the Biofeedback-Graph:
Within 1 to 2 minutes of measuring you can see in the development of the biofeedback graph the entire constitution of a person, as well as the constitution of individual organs. At the same time the values are measured every 500 milliseconds (ms). The time factor can be regulated with the software. However, I recommend the factor of 500 ms, because this is closest to the time dynamic of the synapse transmission–meaning the real-time reaction.
The biofeedback curve represents the flow of the life energy in an organ. The course of the graph, with its fine swings, corresponds to the organ wave. In the organ pulse one can, with a little knowledge and experience, see the reaction and the distribution of the cosmic elements, out of which the holistic human–according to the Eastern medicine philosophy–is made of.
– Vitality, pulse wave and element behaviour gives information about the organ and also the whole constitution of the person.
–  From the organ’s vitality one can derive at the possible physical and psychical disposition of an illness.

Biofeedback Biopulsar graph


Here the graph runs straight and within the middle of the vitality axis and with none or very few minor fluctuations, showing internal balance and stability in the organ. In the image of the aura would be displayed in green.


This illustration shows red line is a little above the green line. We are talking about an increased level of energy. In the image of the aura the kidneys would be displayed in turquoise.



This example shows the energy level with high vibration amplitude. This means that the organ responds strongly to a variety of external influences. However the fact that the red line is the same as the green indicates that the body is at its optimal energy level. In the image of the aura of that organ would be tinted green.


These results of the measurement of the energy of the organ show that the red line is slightly below the optimal level. This means that the energy of the body is not enough. In the image the area of the aura of the organ would be yellow.



Here is an example of extremely low level of the energy field of the liver. The red line runs between areas of gray and dark red. The same color will be represented by the organ in the image of the aura.



The energy field of the stomach shows a very high level. The red line is the over the boundary of the graph. The stomach in the image of the aura will be displayed in white.



Here is an example, where the energy line rises to the green line abruptly, but then drops to the gray area of low energy. It may indicate chronic fatigue, exhaustion, stress. Still, this image may be due to the fact that at the time of measurement the hand eased the pressure on the measurement panel or moved.Usually it requires a repeated measurement.


The example indicates instability of the organ. The red line identifies the strongest vibration amplitude from low energy levels to the very high ones. This picture of the energy field is most often caused by emotional stress, or infection disease.



Here is an example where the energy field line slowly rises. Although in the end an optimal level of energy is reached this figure shows the chronic weakness of the body or the presence of an allergic reaction.


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