Aura feedback

Aura feedback is corresponding the grafs. In colour therapy green is known for the general harmony.

The aura is part of your personality and energy field.  Colors of aura interpretation can be quantified.

Aura feedback is corresponding the biofeedback-grafs >

Dynamical biofield (Aura Biopulsar >) measurements of the whole body and each individual organ. In colour therapy green is known for the general harmony.

Aura feedback Biopulsar -body:

The most optimal energy in the area is green.

  •  White and pink colours may indicate to the large local accumulation of energy, fullness, a lot of pressure, a lot of acid, a large concentration of the gasair, inflammation, toxins, severe malnutrition, a condition before the collapse of the energy, organic hypofunction, a strong feeling of illness.
  • Purple colour may signify the large concentration of energy, fullness, pressure, a lot of acid, inflammation, hyperactivity, feeling of discomfort and disease, edema, acute condition.
  • Blue indigo colour may indicate to the accumulation of energy, easy filling, light pressure, it is possible swelling, slight indisposition.
  • Turquoise colour shows a slight accumulation of energy, a little pressure, still a good performance, homeostasis, balance.
  • Green colour means homeostasis, pleasant condition, balance.
  • Yellow colours means a slightly deficit of the energy, a accumulation of mucus, toxins, poor skin condition, mild discomfort.
  • Orange colour implicates a large deficit of the energy, more accumulation of the, toxins and mucus, weakness, sore, malaise.
  • Red is also nature’s warning color. Red can also mean “heat” and can therefore indicate swelling, pain or injury on the physical body. Strong energy deficit, a large accumulation of toxins and mucus, coolness, dryness, fatigue, weakness of the connective tissue, the propensity to seizures, alkaline stress, hypofunction (functional weakness), a chronic condition, a feeling of illness.
  • Grey blue and dark blue colour indicate to the very strong energy deficit, slagging and intoxication, depression organs, convulsions, severe malnutrition, chronic condition

A loss of life energy can also be brought forth through wrong actions, like poor nutrition or too little sleep. When in the mouth area the vibration is low, then one does not like to express certain feelings and thoughts. In the area of communication an energy blockage develops, which expresses itself in low frequency aura colours, like dark red, brown, dark blue or grey.

Aura feedback – the head:

Aura colours over the head should be understood especially.
Aura colours over the head are primarly indication the emotional state and personality:

  • White and pink colours – high energy, spiritual consciousness, intuition, sensitivity
  • Purple colour – creativity, sensitivity, imagination
  • Blue indigo colour -piety, wisdom, contemplation, morality
  • Turquoise colour – healing capability, need for harmony, health
  • Green colour – trust, sympathy, balance, growth, transformation
  • Yellow colour – realist, intellect, self-finding, self-realization
  • Orange color – tiredness, lack of energy, pessimist, skeptic
  • Red colour – lack of energy, dammed-up rage, negativity
  • Grey blue and dark blue – depression, tiredness, forgetfulness, negative thoughts

The Meaning of the Aura Colour over the Head

The aura colours, which are radiated from the head, give clues to how a person thinks and with what life subject s/he is occupied at the moment. They show the present consciousness and stand in correlation with the prevailing chakras. Depending which
chakra is active at that moment its basic colour energy is usually radiated above the head.
The further the colour energies deviate from each other and the more the colours in the frequency spectrum are apart from each other, the more chaos that reigns in the head. Colours that are superimposed with green show on which level growth and transformation exists. For example, yellow with green added to it, indicates that in the area of finding onesel, growth is taking place. Whereas, tension in the head energy might be illustrated with white (high frequency energy) with overlaying yellow, orange or dark violet (low frequencies) indicating headache, migraine, back head tension, etc.



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