Aura Biopulsar

An aura is an extension of the physical human body. It is  the multidimensional, invisible radiations of different vibrations of energy.

Colour is pure energy. Each colour of the rainbow has a different frequency and power that reaches us through light rays. All organs, body systems and functions are connected to these energy centres. Light consists of the seven colour energies: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Our body get light energy from nourishment, we can receive additional colour energy through a balance of different coloured foods, herbs, vitamins, aromatherapy, sound, colour, clothing, decor and more.

Every living organism has an aura. The aura is multi-layered and multi-functional.

Martina Gruber

Martina GruberIn 1995, Martina Gruber established the first International Aura School. Since then she has taught many therapists worldwide in the perceiving, diagnosing and treatment of the human aura. The International Aura School has made considerable contribution to the development of the Biopulsar.
During many blind tests with seminar participants who would subjectively perceive and draw the aura, Auramed was able to make the software more precise until the subjective aura perception corresponded with the objective Biopulsar aura portrait to approximately 90% accuracy. In 1998, after many years of research and complicated technical development time, Auramed introduced the Aurastar 2000® biofeedback system to the market.

Aura Biopulsar:

Everyone has an aura. The aura is part of your personality and energy field. Aura is also called as Human Energy Field (HEF).
The origins of the aura are rooted in mystery; no one can prove why it is exists or from where it comes. It is still a measurable force.

Colors of aura interpretation can be quantified. Every colour in your aura biopulsar has a specific meaning.
When interpreting colors of your Aura Biopulsar, it is helpful to keep in mind the range of excitable energy that each color has. Colors close to red have a longer wavelength and a lower amount of energy. Colors closer to magenta and violet have a shorter wavelength and a higher amount of energy, or higher frequency.

An aura is an extension of the physical human body. It is the multidimensional, invisible radiations of different vibrations of energy.

Aura colors

Aura consists of several layers which interpenetrate and surround each other in successive layers. Each succeeding layer is composed of finer substances and higher vibrations than the body that it surrounds and interpenetrates, also known as Bioenergies.

Dynamical biofield (Aura Biopulsar) measurements of the whole body and each individual organ.

The colours of Aura Biopulsar do not only indicate precisely the physical state of an organ, but also give much information on the psychological constitution.

What is the Best Energy?

Leonardo Da Vinci’s picture shows a man with the bodily proportion of a “Golden Cut,” referred to as an ideal condition. The high frequency aura colours of white and pink over the head illustrate a brain that is supplied with optimal energy.

The body radiates a green-turquoise aura, which points to a maximum harmony of all organs. The outer rim of the aura is golden, which symbolizes the connection to the highest spiritual force. But on the normal aura picture this type of energy cannot be seen, because it exists outside of the physical reference.
The most optimal energy in the area of the head is shown on the Biopulsar® in the frequency colours of turquoise, king-blue, magenta, white and the biofeedback graph over the green harmony line. These energies mean that the brain has plenty of energy to play positive and high consciousness programs.

In the area of the body the organ biofeedback line should run along the green harmony line.

The organ aura colours should be expressed in the optimum green-turquoise spectrum. This would mean, that all organs are pulsing in harmony with nature. When the organ-biofeedback-graph is arranged relatively constant with few fine swings, and between the organs little deviation from each other exists, this means that the person is in her/his “green”–or “golden” middle – physical and psychical strong, good body feeling and stability in stressful situations.

Harmony–an Ideal Condition

An ideal condition exists when the Yin and Yang energies are in balance and the person is in total harmony with the law of nature. If we look at nature, we can see that plants, meadows and forests are predominantly green. When the yellow colour energy of the earth element, which is produced in the root chakra, mixes with the blue colour energy of the sky, the ether element, then the colour “green” is created.

Green in the area of the body means also organic equilibrium, harmony, stability, health and sufficient regeneration strength.
Green in the area of the legs, points to steadfastness and harmony while walking forward in life.
Green in the area of the head signifies growth, transformation, healing, progress and change.

Green is also the colour of the heart chakra.

The lower three material chakras are connected with the upper three spiritual chakras through the heart chakra. The heart chakra represents a conditional, matter bound love through the colour green. Whereas, unconditional love corresponds to divine love and is characterized by the aura colour rose-red. Rose-red is a blend of the energy colours red and white. Red is the colour of the root chakra, in which the fundamental life energy and driving power is produced.
White, the colour of the crown chakra, is the counterpart of red and is composed of all colour frequencies. One of the most powerful treatment techniques is the rose-red light shower. Through the visualization of the rose-red light flowing into the aura of a weak and sick person, this person can be recharged with a life (love) charge.

In colour therapy green is known for the general harmony. A natural green colour therapy treatment would be a walk in the green nature, which helps body and spirit of a disharmonic person to balance again. The green colour of nature flows into the aura of the disharmonic person and superimposes it. The more the aura gets “coloured” green the more balanced and better the person feels, and the big everyday problems become smaller and insignificant.

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